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The answer is SAP HANA and Intel®

SAP HANA and Intel® Xeon® Processors: A Powerful Partnership

SAP HANA software has been specifically designed to take advantage of the features of the Intel® Xeon® processor E7 family, to optimize its power even further. Thanks to this alliance, you get faster speed, stronger security, smarter analytics, greater flexibility, and more scalability – all in real time. Together, they work better. Enabling you to Run Simple.

Personalized Shopping Experience with SAP

Personalized Shopping Experience with SAP

Watch the video to see SAP demonstrating the smart vending machine. It enables customers to check in to a personalized shopping experience. Sales information about sold products is sent from the machine directly to the headquarters, using SAP mobile solutions. With these real-time insights, owners are able to predict the demand for particular products. They can see which items are more popular, which are selling less, and which are likely to go out of stock.

With this information, they can optimize inventory, sales promotions, and distribution. And ensure that customers’ favorite products are always in stock – thanks to SAP mobile solutions.

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Personalized Shopping Experience with SAP

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