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18 Oct 2015 Dubai Dubai 36°c | 96°f 2.1m
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Run Simple
TOUR 2015

Experience the Simplicity

On the Run Simple Tour in 2015, experts from Intel® and SAP meet with customers to share ideas and present showcases. Visitors to the truck can learn how their businesses can be more innovative, attract new clients, and increase profits.

The Virtual Tour 2015

If you’re not able to climb aboard the Run Simple Truck, don’t worry. You can explore our Virtual Run Simple Tour. Here, you’ll find information, videos, and demonstrations from the truck. And you’ll be able to find out more about Big Data and the Internet of Things – with real examples of businesses already running simpler thanks to SAP HANA and Intel® Xeon® processors.

Find out more ›

SAP Golf Analytics

Every golfer dreams of a better score. Built on the SAP HANA Cloud platform, SAP have developed the player performance dashboard solution. This app uses sensor data to deliver real-time analytics to the golfer so they can see how they are playing and make informed choices, such as selecting the right club for a particular shot.

Watch this demo and see for yourself how the Internet of Things is helping golfers make dreams of a better score a reality.

SAP Simple Finance

SAP Simple Finance provides clear information to the CFO and a single source of truth on all the financial information inside your organization. Within the application you can drill down from the high level information, through multiple layers of insights, right down to the transactional data.

Take a closer look at SAP Simple Finance in this demo and see how it can provide strategic value with instant insight across finance – all via a personalized and simple user experience.

SAP Digital Farming

SAP Digital Farming makes use of sensor data and predictive analytics to enable farmers to make more informed decisions, simply and in real-time.

From simulating the impact of adverse weather conditions, to identifying precisely where nutrients are needed, the farmer is able to prioritize and allocate tasks and maximize efficiency. Watch the video to learn more.

SAP Work Manager

Engineers are an important asset to any enterprise, but there are many things that stop them from being productive, such as paper based processes or complex and disparate systems. SAP Work Manager simplifies an engineer’s job by giving them a single view of all their work orders in one place, together with useful information and the tools they need to complete each one.

Watch the demo to see SAP Work Manager in action and discover how it can boost productivity and ultimately profitability.

SAP IT Operational Analytics

Businesses need performance data in real time to help them optimize performance and predict issues in the data center. That's why we've created a solution to provide an up-to-the-minute, holistic and single analytical view.

In this demo, we see how easily a Systems Administrator can use this analytics tool to find a correlation between power usage and applications.