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Can Big Data be used to analyze and even predict potential security issues? We discuss the possibilities. Plus, we look at the key data security issues organizations face in 2015, and a best-practice approach to Big Data security challenges.

Big Data Security Part 2: Protecting Your Data

Big Data is a valuable asset that many hackers would love to get their hands on. Security breaches are resulting in huge financial losses and undermining reputations. So what measures should your company be taking to protect it? Find out the best practice approach to the data security challenges in 2015 in our second show on ‘Big Data Security’. David McClelland asks Gert Schroeter and Alan Priestly what the big deal is about Big Data security and how you can protect the identifiable and sensitive information your organization holds.

Gert Schroeter's Biography

Gert Schroeter

Gert has over 20 years’ industry experience. He is a Vice President at SAP Product Marketing, responsible for the global marketing activities of SAP's security product lines and the security-relevant parts of SAP NetWeaver technology platform. Prior to SAP, he headed marketing and business initiatives for IT companies such as Software AG and SAS. He studied medicine and psychology at Albert-Ludwigs University, Freiburg, Germany, with practical work on computer-aided process automation in hospitals.

Alan Priestley's Biography

Alan Priestley

A multi-year Intel veteran, Alan started supporting the PC design accounts in the UK when the i286 was the greatest processor on the Intel roadmap. Since then, he has held various technical and product marketing roles including being responsible for launching the Xeon processor product line in EMEA. Currently, Alan is responsible for Intel’s Cloud and Data Analytics Marketing strategy in EMEA with a focus on Intel’s various technologies for data centre security and efficiency.

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